Portuguese Soup (Caldo Verde)

Caldo Verde, a classic Portuguese soup, embodies simplicity with its main ingredients of potatoes, kale, and a touch of sausage. This flavorful concoction is the ideal companion for those cold and rainy days. If you’re wondering about my connection to Portuguese cuisine, my red hair might suggest otherwise. I’m a delightful blend of Scottish, English,… Continue reading Portuguese Soup (Caldo Verde)

Weeknight Shrimp Paella with Chorizo

Experience a Spanish fiesta of flavors with our Quick and Easy Weeknight Shrimp Paella with Chorizo. Ready in just 30 minutes, this dish is a protein-packed delight, offering the essence of Spain in every bite. Not only is it a fantastic choice for a well-balanced weeknight dinner, but it also conveniently preserves its delectable taste… Continue reading Weeknight Shrimp Paella with Chorizo