Lemon Bars Recipe

Thick and gooey Lemon Bars with a buttery shortbread crust and a burst of vibrant lemon flavor make for the perfect dessert. We have a soft spot for dessert bar recipes, from Pecan Pie Bars to Baklava and Strawberry Pretzel Salad, because they’re not only simple to make but also guaranteed crowd-pleasers. These lemon bars… Continue reading Lemon Bars Recipe

30 best cookie recipes to try today

From classic chocolate chip cookies to molasses and hazelnut butter delights, here are cookie recipes that are as easy to make as they are delicious! Perfect for any occasion, they will make this year’s Christmas preparations a breeze! Would you like to save this recipe? Enter your email address below, and we will send the… Continue reading 30 best cookie recipes to try today

Scream Cheese Brownies Recipe

Halloween calls for delightful and easy-to-make treats, and these scream cheese brownies are just the ticket. They combine the goodness of brownies with a luscious cream cheese layer, making for a perfect Halloween indulgence. While traditionally, chocolate frosting tops brownies, I’ve opted to skip it this time to let the vibrant Halloween colors shine through.… Continue reading Scream Cheese Brownies Recipe

Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

As the owner of this food blog since 2008, I find myself on call for everyone – friends, bloggers, family, neighbors – when it comes to recipe questions, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not even necessarily about recipes on my blog, but about cooking in general. I don’t mind helping at all, but my phone… Continue reading Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

DIY Christmas decorations and ornaments Candyland

If you’ve always wanted a Christmas tree that would delight children and adults alike, Candyland Christmas decorations are perfect for you! This is an “easy to create” holiday theme and can also be done on a budget. All it takes is some starting crafting skills, an extra helping hand every now and then, and a… Continue reading DIY Christmas decorations and ornaments Candyland

Pay Attention to This Christmas

We kindly inform all individuals intending to embark on a joyful ride in a one-horse open sleigh across snowy landscapes, with laughter filling the air, that a Risk Assessment is mandatory. This assessment must assess the safety of open sleighs and consider whether using only one horse is appropriate, especially when there are multiple passengers.… Continue reading Pay Attention to This Christmas

Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorating Board

It’s that time of the year when the aroma of Christmas fills the air. How about creating a delightful sugar cookie board? Just grab a big serving tray and gather all the ingredients you need to decorate your most-loved Christmas sugar cookies. This fun activity will surely bring everyone together, be it for a festive… Continue reading Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorating Board

Be the first to know what the 2022 Christmas decorations will look like

The year is coming to an end when you least expect it, and there are new plans for Christmas. Time to get out the tree, plates, and decorations and reinvent Christmas decorations. A sneak peek? The commitment to naturalness that prevails in interior design extends to Christmas decorations as well. GOLDEN REFLECTIONS Because as much… Continue reading Be the first to know what the 2022 Christmas decorations will look like